Classes are no longer running at present

Yoga classes are provided free of charge to anyone diagnosed with cancer that can get to the classes. Every Thursday 12-1300, Carmondean Community Centre

Mindfulness Meditation 8 week programs free to anyone diagnosed with cancer. Once you have completed the 8 week course there are weekly drop in session every Thursday from 1300 -1500

All sponsored by Bosom Buds of Scotland Charity

Edinburgh Courses sponsored by Macmillan Cancer Support and Cancer Support Scotland
New Course starting Monday 3rd October at Craigmillar Libruary 1030 -1230

There is increasing evidence to prove the benefits of doing exercise and meditation when faced with a diagnosis of cancer. A diagnosis of cancer causes stress, anxiety and many fears creating great tension in the body. Yoga allows you to release that stress, work holistically and begin to relax and meditation creates a sense of inner calm.

Yoga is holistic and works with the body as a whole, focusing on the breath, movement, meditation, relaxation and mind to bring about a sense of wellbeing and health. Through yoga we use breath with movement creating balance and harmony to our whole being, reconnecting back to ourselves.

Working with the breath in both yoga and meditation serves as both a bridge between the body and mind and so when we change our breath pattern, we can change our state of mind. Slowing down the breath can have a direct effect on our autonomic nervous system, particularly the parasympathetic system to bring about an increased feeling of calm, ease and relaxation.

All yoga and meditation classes for cancer are small and created to bring a group of people together with similar experiences. Each class is designed especially to accommodate the ability of each individual person. All postures can be adapted and modified for you.